Memphis, TN

Young Avenue Deli in Cooper-Young (CouchSurfer lyfe), The Central BBQ on Central, Overton Square, The National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Hotel (a must-see, must-do in Memphis), Peabody Hotel (duck procession on red carpet), Lboe “Beat the Clock” & P&H “Open Mic Night”, Laundry Round #2, Sun Studio (because something Elvis), Beale Street wandering, Gus’s Fried Chicken (“my second home” claimed the man next to me), Sunset stroll along the Mississippi

Chimichanga: $9.25
Notes: My last chimichanga was a microwaved sack-object from the Castaic Middle School cafeteria. This was far superior. Also, 7 layer dip.

Story of 4 Doppelgängers: While I was in Memphis, I was misidentified by four different people at four different occasions in one day. #1: A schoolteacher #2: A girl who just entered the same museum as me #3: A friend of a friend #4: A girl kept frantically waving at me in a bar.

I learned about hashing. H3.

This song was stuck in my head.

Friends of friends of friends are friends.

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